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We’ve spread the English tea shop across UK to retailers, hotels,catering companies,wholesalers, distributors,restaurants to name a few. Some of our clients are Harrods,Hilton hotels, courthouse double tree hotels, holiday Inn hotels, and many more across the country. We supply to housekeeping, meeting & executive rooms and lobbies at hotels and corporates.

However, If you would like to get in touch with us regarding buying our teas & pos please feel free to get in touch with us at, Below some of our pos materials & accessories to meet our customers needs which gives them the advantage of them having premium teas & pos for their hotels, restaurants cafes etc.

Brown Leather Box for Pyramid Sachets. A sumptuous brown leather box accommodates up to 60 of our delectable silken pyramid sachets, containing premium leafy teas and infusions; perfect fordining rooms.

· Brown Wooden Box for Café’s and Hotel Rooms. A trendy, solid wooden box, houses 8 luxurious silken pyramid sachets or 8 premium enveloped, staple free tea bag sachets; ideal for Café’s and hotel rooms. Our 24 compartment wooden carry box is perfect for all of your food service requirements. Nicely holding 24 of our English Tea Shop Infuser teas.

· Metal Rack for 20 Tea Bag Packs. An elegant yet practical metal rack designed to display 8 tea bag cartons to their full potential, with tea bags dispensing to the front.

· Promotional Booklet / Tea Menu Card. An attractive promotional booklet and tea menu detailing the delightful teas and tisanes.

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Above all, You can use a virtual number in Jordan for many reasons. There are many tools available to help you manage your Jordan virtual number. However, it is crucial that you use the right tools to avoid any potential problems. This blog will explore the various ways virtual numbers can be used in Jordan, as well as how to obtain one, and the best tools for managing them. Virtual phone numbers Jordan can be great marketing tools.

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